Looked-After Children Survey: Impact of Covid-19 on Disadvantaged Children

Prospero Health & Social Care have launched a new survey to analyse the impact of Covid-19 on Looked-After Children (LAC) across the UK.

We are reaching out to Local Authorities in particular to understand the specific issues impacting Looked-After Children during the pandemic. Your answers to our 7 quick questions will provide insights that inform a new report to support the UK’s most vulnerable children and the public sector organisations that care for them.

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The survey aims to derive insights on:

  • Healthcare and Safeguarding of vulnerable children
  • Tuition and Intervention
  • Education quality
  • Foster placements
  • Long-term impact to learning and mental wellbeing.

The survey takes just 2 minutes to complete, and will help to inform an in-depth report into the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the UK’s most disadvantaged children and young people.

By working together to report and analyse the challenges faced by Local Authorities and the families they help, we can identify new solutions and continue to provide the best possible support.

Take the Survey

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