Recruiting Covid Testers for Secondary Schools

Following the announcement that all Secondary schools in England must begin rapid Covid testing from January, the Prospero Group are recruiting and training new Covid Testers.


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Covid Tester Jobs


With more than 1 in 50 Secondary school pupils currently carrying the disease, the UK Government has tasked schools with driving down infections by providing mass testing.


The lateral flow tests involve handheld kit that give results in about 20 minutes. The tests are quick to deploy and easy to understand, meaning that those with little to no experience can play a large role in reducing coronavirus transmission.


Across the UK, part-time and full-time Covid Testers are needed to help schools reduce infections and protect the most vulnerable in our communities.


Why Become a Covid Tester?


In addition to helping reduce transmission and infections of the coronavirus, reasons to become a Covid Tester include:


  • No medical experience needed – applications are open to anyone
  • Free online training – We’ll support you with everything you need
  • Work to your schedule – Flexible hours and part-time options
  • Guaranteed income – Payment for your time regardless of testing volume
  • Provide Vital Support – Help Secondary and SEN students to continue learning.


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What Does a Covid Tester Do?


Depending on your specific role, your responsibilities could include:


  • Conducting pupil testing according to training and guidelines provided
  • Building test kits
  • Distributing test kits
  • Ensuring testing takes place in a dedicated location chosen by the school
  • Maintaining cleanliness and required hygiene standards
  • Registering students
  • Making the testing process as efficient, effective and supportive as possible for all involved
  • Work closely alongside colleagues and school staff
  • Safeguarding and supporting children where needed.


What Do I Need to Become a Covid Tester?


No previous experience in Education or Health & Social Care is required. Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills would be beneficial.


Testing roles can vary for those who have relevant experience, including:


  • Test Centre Operatives – Preparing test samples, processing and analysing results
  • Team Leaders – Managing testing operations and workforce
  • Results Processor – Collecting results and managing digital records.


Supporting Schools and Communities


At a time where 22% of Secondary pupils are missing lessons due to self-isolating, your support will ensure the vital continuity of teaching and help protect the UK’s most vulnerable children and families.


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