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World Social Work Month 2022

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It’s World Social Work Month this March. Here at Prospero, we’d like to take the opportunity to applaud all our amazing social workers and give the profession the recognition it deserves.

Each day, we speak with the communities and families that our social workers support, so we are very aware of the incredible impact that they have. This year’s theme is ‘The Time is Right for Social Work.’


Why are social workers so important for communities?

Social workers play a vital role in society – they assess the needs and challenges faced by their clients and communities; they are advocates for human rights and social development.

Social workers respond to crises, empower people to be able to manage a crisis and support those accessing resources to improve their lives.

After an incredibly difficult couple of years escalated by the pandemic, the positive contributions that social workers make to individuals, families, communities and wider society has never been more necessary. Therefore, World Social Work Month presents us with an opportunity to raise awareness and appreciation for this crucial work.


What is World Social Work Month?

Since 1983, various organisations including the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) have collaborated to recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of social workers around the World.

The first World Social Work Day was celebrated in 2007. The day is now marked on the 3rd Tuesday of every March. The aim? To boost the awareness of social services and highlight their importance in society. Encouragingly, growth in recent years has led to the event becoming a yearly highlight of cooperation among the world’s social workers.


Why is Social Work Month So Important?

If you’ve met a social worker, the chances are you will have met someone who is very passionate about helping others. Don’t expect them to shout about what they do with a lot of fanfare. The satisfaction comes from helping people to live better lives.

Thus, Social Work Month is a great time to do some well-deserved recognition of those who help others.

Here are some other reasons marking Social Work Month is important:

  • It encourages people to be kind – the central positive message is around being productive in doing good things for our communities.
  • It promotes excellent job opportunities – with the spotlight on social work, now may be the perfect time to consider career opportunities in the sector.
  • It encourages positive collaboration – the notion of organisations working together to create a more socially just world for the future is inspiring.

How is World Social Work Month being celebrated?

The BASW (British Association of Social Workers) is hosting a full package of activities and events to celebrate the profession. As part of this, they are showcasing nominated ‘Amazing Social Workers’ each day this month. Get inspired by the list as it unfolds here.


What events are being held as part of World Social Work Month?

The BASW is holding a series of conferences and webinars on a range of fascinating topics. The full calendar of events can be accessed here, they include

  • The relationship between the pandemic and the changing world.
  • Crucially, support for diverse communities with further development ‘kit bag’ tools.
  • Climate change and social work.
  • Reflection on the importance of caring for those who care for others.

The National Association of Social Workers has created a range of resources including a social media toolkit and quizzes.


British Association of Social Workers’ Essay Competition

As prizes for student essays on how to change media portrayals of social workers, four £500 grants will be awarded. Students were asked, ‘How can we improve the way social workers are depicted in the media?’ There is still time to enter, if you know a student who can write a compelling argument, the closing date is June 24th 2022!


How can you celebrate this month?

Spread the word about the social workers in your community and shout about their achievements on social media #WorldSocialWorkMonth

If you are a social worker, tell people about your experiences. Talking about how rewarding the role can be may just inspire other people to consider this field of work.


Thank you for reading our post on World Social Work Month!

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If you are interested in new opportunities as a social worker, then browse our latest vacancies or register with your availability and preference for work.


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