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Are you a healthcare worker looking for a new job opportunity? Have you ever considered becoming a social worker? Social work is a fulfilling and rewarding career. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about this role!

About the role:

Social workers work closely with individuals or families to improve their well-being and quality of life. A social worker will assess and manage any social, emotional, and behavioral issues of vulnerable people to protect them from harm. You can also work in various settings, such as hospitals, schools, mental health clinics and homes.

Here are some examples of people you could work with as a social worker:

  • Children with disabilities
  • An individual with mental health issues
  • Young offenders
  • People with alcohol, drug, or other substance misuse problems
  • Families at risk of breaking down
  • Children who need to live apart from their families
  • Foster carers and adopters
  • & more


Social workers have a wide range of responsibilities. This can depend on your area of specialisation and the setting you are based in.

Some responsibilities include:

  • Conducting assessments and developing treatment plans
  • Providing counselling and psychotherapy services
  • Coordinating services and resources for clients
  • Evaluating effectiveness of interventions and making changes
  • Maintaining accurate and confidential client records
  • & more

How to become a Social Worker:

To become a social worker, you need to have completed a degree or postgraduate programme in social work. If you have decided on a career change, with a degree in another subject, don’t worry you can also start a postgraduate qualification in social work! These courses may take up to four years to complete part time, or two years full time. Once you have completed your degree/programme you must register with Social Work England, and then you are ready to go!

Average salary & career progression:

The average salary of a social worker varies depending on your level of education, experience, and area of specialisation. The best way to increase your pay as a Social Worker is to take further specialised qualifications (counselling, mediation) to grow in your career. You will then be able to work with a particular client group/issue or some decide to join the ‘British Association of Social Workers’. After gaining this experience and further qualifications, you can progress on to become a Senior Social Worker, Supervisor or in to Management positions.

The demand for social workers is expected to continue growing! Opening a world of opportunities to make a positive impact on not only other peoples lives but your own.

Thank you for reading our post on the role of a World Safety and Health at Work Day. We’re really proud of the healthcare workers who each and every day make a difference in the lives of people in their communities. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch with the team:


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