Nurses: Primary Care Vacancies

Nurses: Primary Care Vacancies

Prospero Health & Social Care are a trusted and experienced recruitment agency specialising in Primary Care and Community RGN jobs.

Whatever your desired role, location and shift patterns, we can provide work to fit around your requirements and lifestyle.

**Please only pre-register if you are a REGISTERED NURSE**

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District Nurse Jobs at Prospero Health and Social Care

NHS, Private Hospital and Care Home Vacancies

Our registered nursing jobs cover a wide range of specialisms including:

  • Community General & District
  • General, Medical & Surgical
  • Nursing Home (RNN/RGN)
  • Primary Care (ANP, ENP).

Why Work for Prospero Health and Social Care?

Our RGNs enjoy a vast range of benefits:

  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Choose from a wide range of work environments, from NHS and private hospitals to care homes across the UK
  • Fast track application service to get you compliant and out to work swiftly
  • Free mandatory training
  • Personal support helpline: call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Referral bonus – Enjoy a £250 bonus for every nurse you refer to us (once they have worked 100 hours).

Public or Private Hospital or Care Home?

 Reasons to Work in the NHS:

  • The National Health Service is now over 70 years old and is responsible for great leaps and bounds in medical advancements
  • Choose to work in any of the 1,200 hospitals spanning all countries and counties of the UK
  • Shortages of over 40,000 nurses means a greater job security as specialists are in urgent and continued demand
  • Public healthcare means a much wider variety of challenges and meeting a wide range of people: the National Health Service deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours
  • The NHS was ranked as the 6th best healthcare systemin the world in 2020.

Reasons to Work in a Private Hospital:

  • Additional benefits – Many private positions offer benefits such as health screening, life insurance and other benefits which save money or time
  • Smaller or lighter case loads can enable nursing professionals to provide more personalised, specialist care to each patient
  • Working in a responsive environment that can sometimes offer more continued training and support, with greater control over your own schedule
  • More choices in your areas of specialism are often available if your employer enjoys a large budget and few restrictions

Reasons to Work in a Care Home:

  • Enjoy a very sociable role working environment with many patients and their support groups, families and other health and social care providers
  • Build long-term relationships with your patients and support them through difficult, challenging and rewarding stages throughout their lives
  • Work flexibly to fit your career around your family, hobbies, travel and other responsibilities
  • No day is the same – care home careers involve participating in a wide range of activities with those you care for and responding to their changing day-to-day and longer-term needs.

Find Your Next Nursing Role

Prospero Health and Social Care are looking for qualified, experienced and registered nurses, and we are particularly interested in those wanting to work in the North West, South East and South West of England.

If you are a District, Community, Primary Care nurse or RGN, we want to hear from you.

Thinking of changing your specialism or unsure about the next role for you? Pre-register for our nursing vacancies and we’ll help you find the right career for you.

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Primary Care Nurse and Registered General Nurse Jobs

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