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Pursue a Rewarding Career with Level 3 Health & Social Jobs

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Are you passionate about making a real difference in the lives of others? In this blog post, we will explore health & social care level 3 jobs and how these roles will allow you to further grow in your career.

What is a level 3 diploma in health & social care?

The focus is to equip you with further knowledge, skills, and experience in providing physical and emotional care to service users. This qualification is great for individuals who want to work in care facilities, or those who are in progress of a social care degree. It is aimed at jobs in a supervisory position or with a level of responsibility.

What are the requirements?

While there are no specific requirements to start your level 3 diploma, however you will need to maintain certain skills:

  • It is essential to have a genuine passion for helping others, particularly young people.
  • A good understanding of English & Mathematics is necessary, as the roles you will be placed in often involves keeping a record and documentation.
  • Working with young people or vulnerable individuals may require you to undergo background checks such as a DBS.
  • To have the ability to empathise and connect with those you care for.

How to apply:

Here at Prospero Health & Social Care, we offer a variety of Level 3 courses. These include:

  • Supervising First Aid for Mental Health
  • Emergency First Aid at work
  • Pediatric First Aid
  • SOVA & SOCA Level 3 Safeguarding Children
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) Level 3

The UK Government additionally offer Level 3 courses. Head over too National Careers Service Course Finder to see what is available in your area.

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What’s next in health & social care?

After you have completed a course, you will be able to apply for health & social care level 3 jobs with Prospero Health & Social Care. These can include:

  • Care Assistant in a residential care setting
  • Support Workers
  • Youth Worker
  • Mental Health Support Worker
  • Social Worker

Register with Prospero Health & Social Care where we can push your career even further by matching you with one of these roles!

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